Function: Defines an XML file that provides data for the SWF file. XML files typically contain texts, vocabulary, questions, answers and/or links to any necessary audio, images, video, etc. The XML file should be uploaded, either manually, via FTP, or using the Moodle file manager tool, to the moodledata directory.

Parameter: Enter the path from the moodledata course directory to the XML file.

e.g. xml/my_flash_interaction.xml, and file path will be http://yourmoodlesite.com/file.php/$course/xml/my_flash_interaction.xml

Default: none

Please note: Not all interactions are compatible with all SWF types. You must select an interaction from the list that is compatible with the selected SWF type.

Security note: Copies of XML files are downloaded into users' browser caches before being loaded into the SWF file and can be accessed and read directly from there by the user. For this reason, do not put sensitive data or anything that you don't want users to see in XML files. For more secure methods of retrieving data, consider using AMFPHP.

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